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Office cleaning is a hefty job. Not only does the company’s first impression depend upon quality cleaning, but also the company itself. The employees of your company need a clean work space to utilize their energy and make use of their power so that your business can prevail.

But the necessities start with a clean environment so that the people working there aren’t exposed to allergens and different diseases. The choice of hiring Senate Cleaning for this task will prove to be a lucrative choice for entrepreneurs. The office cleaning service of Senate Cleaning includes a thorough inspection of the area and then the needs of the place are chalked out.

The cleaners use the latest equipment and method to ensure that maximum effort is put into the job. May it be Washington D.C., Alexandria, Maryland, or North Virginia, Senate Cleaning provides its service in the most reasonable terms everywhere. Other services by the Senate Cleaning include commercial cleaning and apartment building cleaning.

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Looking for Alexandria Commercial Cleaning Services?

If you are looking for Alexandria commercial cleaning services, you might want to make sure that all the terms are met when it comes to service and work quality. Commercial cleaning is a tough job and the effort put into the work is directly equivalent to the footfall you receive.

The better the maintenance of the building, the more people are bound to be attracted. Commercial cleaning is a tougher job because the cleaners need to remain in constant motion during the day to ensure that cleanliness remains, plus after closing hours so that the public can return to a clean and maintained space. With more than a decade’s experience, Senate Cleaning has perfected their office cleaning, commercial cleaning, and apartment building cleaning services.

We’ll Provide Apartment Cleaning Services in Beltsville

A sure way to keep your occupants happy is by maintaining and cleaning the common areas of the building. Apart from the great impression a sparkling floor would make, it will also ensure the safety of your occupants. The cleaning services use chemicals to eliminate the health hazards from the building and ensure no allergens or pollution bothers the owners.

Hence, the cleaning service of Senate Cleaning includes the option of daily, weekly, and monthly apartment building cleaning services. Senate Cleaning also includes the service of floor and carpet cleaning, and waste removal. Apart from apartment building cleaning, two of the most hired services are of office cleaning and commercial cleaning.

Get Affordable Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services for Offices

Affordability of work you hire is a necessity when your business is small and in the start-up phases of work. The choices you make must be lucrative and beneficial to the business. But when it comes to the janitorial service in commercial cleaning, the choice you make has an overall impact on the running of your business. In commercial areas, the most important factor that attracts footfall and crowd into space is the appearance of it.

Therefore, the appearance can only be maintained with the help of the best cleaning service providers in Washington D.C., Alexandria, Maryland, and North Virginia. Senate Cleaning is ahead of the game when it comes to commercial cleaning. The immense emphasis by the management on the cleaners to maintain the quality of work has resulted in them being one of the best cleaning services in the USA.

A cleaning inspector of the Senate Cleaning visits the site area every-day to ensure that the highest caliber maintenance and cleanliness are maintained by the workforce. This makes the janitorial service reliable, professional, and consistent in their job. Other services worth hiring by the Senate Cleaning are office cleaning and apartment building cleaning.

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The Senate Cleaning Plan

Superior Commercial Cleaning in The DMV

Senate Cleaning has calibrated its commercial cleaning practices over the past 10 years to effectively encompass the needs of office environments. Senate Cleaning has never wavered on its promise to provide consistent, exceptional, commercial cleaning services, through outstanding customer service, swift and decisive emergency cleanups, and consistent results.


Our cleaning specialists use only the most current technologies and methods to clean your work space.Senate Cleaning is constantly on the lookout for new tools, cleaning  solutions, and improved cleaning methods. This forward-thinking approach raises the quality of service our company provides.


The Advanced Clean Philosophy is the overall belief that Senate Cleaning uses on a daily basis.


  • Direct contact – You can always put your request in, no matter what time, day or night, with a simple email or phone call!
  • A safe and clean place to work – Senate Cleaning is committed to providing your employees with a clean and enjoyable work environment.
  • Excellent Service – Senate Cleaning believes in maintaining an excellent clean each service we provide for you.
  • Routine quality assurance measures – Your job site will be visited on a regular basis by one of our quality assurance managers who will make sure that all practices and cleaning methods meet our standards.
  • Office cleaning only – Senate Cleaning centralizes its services on one discipline, office cleaning. Instead of employing the “jack-of-all-trades” model, instead, we pride ourselves on being the experts in commercial office cleaning.


Senate Cleaning is committed to doing everything it can to create a positive impact on the environment. Instead of being a part of the pollution problem, we have scoured the market for the most effective and eco-friendly cleaning products. Using tools such as microfiber cloths and mops, we use fewer products to achieve the same incredible results. We apply green cleaning solutions to each job site. If you’d like to discuss further green cleaning options, let us know during your estimate.


Every business is different and has its own unique workflow. Senate Cleaning offers daily & weekly cleaning options and works with you to ensure your cleaning needs are met.


Rest easy knowing that our cleaning specialists have all been background checked and completed more than 15 hours of hands-on training. We will never send anyone inexperienced or untrustworthy to your workplace. When you choose Senate Cleaning, you choose the best!