Commercial cleaning Lanham

Senate Cleaning: Commercial Cleaning Services Explained!

Cleaning your office can be a daunting task. Your employees are not supposed to do the cleaning work. Rather, you should seek professional cleaning services and allow the trained cleaners to get the job done. Senate Cleaning offers full-service Office Cleaning in Lanham. We have been the leader in office cleaning services. We have been serving the companies for years. We take our services seriously and give you a clean facility. Since you have other important tasks to do, concentrate on your significant matters, and let Senate Cleaning provide reliable cleaning. Here are our cleaning services explained:

The Best Commercial Cleaning in Lanham

Whether you have a large organization or a small office, we can provide you highest quality Commercial Cleaning in Lanham. Our services are usually tailored to your specific needs. So, expect high quality outcomes: Here is what makes our services the best:

  • Availability

At Senate Cleaning, we know the significance of maintaining a safe and clean workplace. Dirty workplace can be an interruption to work. Therefore, we remain available 24/7 for your assistance and provide the best cleaning services you require for your business.

  • Professional Staff

At Senate Cleaning, we have the most trained and professional cleaners. Our team is insured and highly experienced. In addition, they are certified and have expertise at cleaning work and handling cleaning equipment with care.

  • Unmatchable Service

At Senate Cleaning, our services of Commercial Cleaning in Lanham are unmatchable. We thoroughly communicate with the companies and know their specific needs. We discuss the cleaning objectives prior to our services. Our staff is supervised when required in order to fulfill your specific cleaning objectives.

  • Safety Standards

Our trained and expert cleaners guide you towards the cleaning process. We report all the cleaning tasks that have been accomplished. Most importantly, we make sure that health and safety stands are met while delivering our cleaning services. We also document compliance to safety standards. Moreover, our complete cleaning services include.

Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning Lanham

  • Janitorial Cleaning

At Senate Cleaning, our Commercial Cleaning in Lanham includes janitorial cleaning that meets your requirements. We understand that every business or office have different janitorial requirements. Hence, our trained staff works with you to establish a cleaning plan that is tailored to your workplace. We offer a complete set of services that include entire building clean up!

  • Office Floor Care

Senate Cleaning have specialist staff that can provide complete floor cleaning. They can use their innovative technologies to clean ceramic, concrete, vinyl, tiles and more. We have experience of cleaning different surfaces; therefore, we have appropriate cleaning methods for every type of floor. We can execute cleaning plans for long term maintenance of your office floor.

  • Green Cleaning

Yes, we ensure eco-friendly Commercial Cleaning in Lanham. Our cleaning solutions are made of natural materials and we use wax to clean your workplace. We prevent using harsh chemicals that can cause health hazards. Our staff is fully trained to meet safety and health standards. We comply with the standards and give you a hygienic office to work.

  • Complete Office Cleanup

We know you have a lot of furniture, electronics and accessories at the office. The cleaning work can be complex for your employees. Hence, leave it to Senate Cleaning for Commercial Cleaning in Lanham. We can clean windows, desks, floor and everything placed at your office. We use specialized techniques to clean up the office entirely. We pay special attention to your office accessories such as computers, keyboards and desks etc. Furthermore, we clean breakrooms and kitchens to give you a hygienic and clean office!

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