Office Building/Office Suite Cleaning in The DMV

Senate Cleaning Is Committed to Client Fulfillment

In a corporate office building, the key to employee and client happiness, productivity, and retention is clean and maintained work space. The more maintained space you provide to your workers, the better results you will get. That is why it is beneficial for you in the long-run to invest in cleaning services for office cleaning and commercial cleaning. You won’t have to spend as much in follow-up maintenance when everything is cleaned and well-kept before.

We at Senate Cleaning work hard to provide our clients with the best office cleaning service. The usage of the latest cleaning equipment and products ensures that no leaf is left unturned when it comes to the service. Apart from office cleaning, two of the best services of Senate cleaning are commercial cleaning and apartment building cleaning.

The Senate Cleaning team has years of experience creating customized service plans for general office spaces of all sizes. From 1,000-square-foot offices to high-rises with 100,000-square-feet of space or more, our skillful approach to office cleaning ensures that you will always receive the best value for your money.

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Office Cleaning Services That We Provide in Alexandria

The office cleaning service of Senate Cleaning in Alexandria is impeccable in its form. The clients are always left satisfied, and subscriptions according to the needs and demands of the client are made. We understand that communication is the key to maintaining a great business, hence the consultation sessions with the company we work with are quite a few.

In those sessions, we chalk out the needs and demands of the company after inspection of the vicinity, so that flawless office cleaning can be assured. Older buildings need better care taking so that their charm is retained. Caring for the beautiful old structure includes timely maintenance and regular cleaning. Hence, Old Town Alexandria houses the most consumers of Senate office cleaning service.

Office Cleaning Services That We Provide in Washington D.C

Working in the capital city is no easy feat. The expectations and demands are higher, but Senate Cleaning meets them all. The huge corporate centers of the capital city demand huge manpower and service for their office cleaning and commercial cleaning service.

Senate Cleaning has made a name for itself due to our latest cleaning equipment, methods, professionalism, and manpower to which is enough to suffice the needs of huge corporate and office buildings. Apart from that, Senate Cleaning is also known for its apartment building cleaning service.

Office Cleaning Service That We Provide in Lanham

When it comes to smaller businesses, the maintenance and cleanliness of your office and commercial area can prove to be a deal-maker or a deal-breaker. Your working space reflects the seriousness of the service and business. So to run a better business, investment in office cleaning service can prove to be a lucrative choice in the long run.

Senate Cleaning’s service in Maryland is all about consistency and professionalism of work. That is why, during the service hours of our company a cleaning inspector constantly monitors the workers, so that the high standards of cleanliness are met. Also, check out the other services of apartment building cleaning and commercial cleaning.



Maintaining a cleanly office environment helps to protect the health, wellness and productivity of your office by providing your employees with a clean, tidy and safe work surroundings. From dusting to restroom cleaning, to break room disinfection and floor maintenance, Senate Cleaning has all of your office cleaning needs covered.

  • Removing old, smelly trash
  • Dusting fingerprints and dirt away from surfaces
  • Eliminate grimy base molding
  • Tidy up messy restrooms
  • Eradicate illness-causing germs


General office cleaning services – General office cleaning services:- It includes general office cleaning by the cleaners and janitorial staff of the floors and carpets, windows and desk.

All the minor surfaces will also be dusted which includes keyboards, door handles, window panes, etc.). Special attention is paid to keep the duct areas, the breakrooms, and the kitchen areas clean and hygienic.

After-hours office cleaning – You may feel uncomfortable leaving the cleaning staff all to themselves, but Senate Cleaning practices high business ethics when it comes to office cleaning and you can be at ease that no private and sensitive information will ever be leaked.

This is ensured by our practice of filing a license and contract for the work which includes such conditions that will ease the minds of the hiring company.

 Floor Care Maintenance- In office cleaning, different types of floors need different cleaning techniques and equipment. Senate Cleaning workers strip and wax the hardwood and tiled floors, and shampoo clean the carpets in a routine matter.

Green cleaning for office buildings – Senate Cleaning offers eco-friendly office cleaning choices, in which the solutions and wax used for cleaning and maintenance are made from natural material.

The harsh chemicals are avoided in this choice because they may cause pungent smells and be a source of allergens for some people. But the cleaning results of the all-natural cleaning solutions are flawless as well.


  • Each of our uniformed professionals is bonded and insured, and works with the highest regard for confidentiality and discretion.
  • With the Senate Cleaning you receive a customized schedule of cleaning based on your priorities and budget.
  • Even though we offer every general cleaning service, we work based on your priorities. Let us know if you have a specific area or item that needs cleaning and we’ll give it the attention it deserves.

Bank Cleaning Service in the Washington, D.C. Metro Area

Ensure Your Financial Institution Looks Like a Million Bucks

With the crowd that visits a bank, the commercial cleaning for banks must also be impeccable to ensure that the grace of the structure remains intact. Senate Cleaning Understands that, and the janitorial service of Senate Cleaning is always working to maintain the cleanliness of the area.

All the money spent on the grand structure would go to waste if there was no one there to maintain it. So Senate Cleaning will ensure that through office cleaning your building looks new and grand every day. The awe on people’s faces will be worth the investment. Other worthy services of Senate Cleaning are commercial cleaning and apartment building cleaning.

Washington D.C. Metro
Government Building

Our Policy Is Complete Client Satisfaction Every Time

Government buildings, offices, and agencies handle a great deal of highly sensitive information and, they require cleaning services just like any other business. That’s why we take great care to screen and vet every employee, ensuring they pass background checks, and hours of hands-on training. We also allow you to screen them as well. You’ll be able to track our work in your site-specific communications log, where we detail the tasks we perform at each visit. If you are ever less than satisfied, or if you have comments, concerns, or questions, you’ll always be able to reach us through phone or email.