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Rhino Products Urinal Screens Deodorizer - 15 Pack - Anti-Splash Urinal Screen and Odor Neutralizer with Fresh Lemon Scent - Ideal for Restrooms at Home, Offices, Schools, and Malls

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✅ EFFECTIVELY ELIMINATE URINE SPLASH AND ODOR WITH SCENTED URINAL SCREENS - No one appreciates holding their breath when using a public toilet or wet bathroom floors. Our urinal deodorizers ensure a comfortable experience for all restroom users.

✅ PACK WITH CAN BE USED UP TO 5,000 FLUSHES AND 30 DAYS - The Rhino Products urinal deodorizer is an inexpensive way to keep restrooms in pristine condition. Whether you're looking to upgrade the bathroom in your cafe or office building, here's an effective solution.

✅ AVOID URINE SPLASHES- Avoid urine splashes on the floor and help reduce the spread of disease-causing germs. With urinal screens keeping bacteria at bay, your cleaning time will be made quicker and easier.

✅ URINAL SPLASH GUARD FITS ALL URINALS - Our urinal screens are suitable for all models. They're equally effective on wet and dry urinals and can also help prevent debris from getting stuck in the drainage system.

✅ COMES IN 3 FRESH SCENTS THAT ADD TO AN ENJOYABLE BATHROOM EXPERIENCE - Not only do these act as a urinal deodorizer, they also give off a fresh lemon scent that will have the men's restroom smelling clean and pleasant.