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Not only homes, but even commercial spaces need proper cleaning in order to leave a good impression on the guests coming in. Cleanliness and maintenance determine the outlook of a space and the slightest flaw can change the view a guest may have about your facility. These imperfections usually come in the form of chipped and recolored walls, stained floors, and even worn-out items that are dusty and uncleaned.

In order to keep your office or residential space properly cleaned, a commercial cleaner must be hired and whose services can be better than Senate Cleaning when it comes to this. Senate Cleaning has been in this business for quite some time now and offer the most professional cleaning services to everyone. They provide multiple cleaning solutions for your space – let it be residential or commercial. Let us have a look at some of them.


One of the important aspects of a welcoming space is clean and perfectly mopped floors. Most of the time, floors are one of the first impressions that a guest takes about your place. So, they must be properly cleaned, maintained, and void of imperfections. Floors also form the overall image of your residential or commercial space. Senate Cleaning provides experienced cleaners to its clients who use the right products and effort to clean your floors and leave them free from even the stubborn stains and dirt particles.


Office cleaning silver spring

Cleanliness is not the only goal that Senate cleaning strives to achieve. Their cleaners use environmentally friendly chemical products and disinfection to clean the space from germs. These germs can damage the walls and floors of your house or commercial building and proper steps must be taken to remove them from time to time. In order to keep a facility free from germs, all the surfaces, furniture, and even decoration items must be cleaned on a frequent basis and this is what Senate cleaning offers to its clients.


It is a known fact that dirt leaves a very bad impression on the people visiting your place. Dusty furniture is a common sign of poor cleanliness and with time affects the quality of these items as well. This is why the professional cleaners of Senate Cleaning focus on dusting whenever they clean a place. Their dusting techniques are quite effective and will leave your ornaments and furniture shining like new. From door hinges, to light fixtures, and unreachable corners, they clean every nook and corner of your facility and will leave your space a spotlight and an epitome of cleanliness.


Office cleaning silver spring

Cleaning from the ground-up is what Senate Cleaning believes in. Mopping of floors is essential on daily basis if you want the floors to stay cleaned and the guests’ impression of your place to be extraordinary. Senate Cleaning makes use of specialized cleaning tools in order to provide excellent cleaning solutions to its clients especially when it comes to mopping. The mops that are used for this purpose have ergonomic handles to help out the cleaners. The mop pads are disposable which makes the whole process more efficient so that the cleaners can work fast in a short period of them.

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Senate cleaning distinguishes itself from its competitors because of its attention to detail, highly experienced staff, and affordable rates. Their staff is not only professional but highly courteous and totally trustworthy as well. Their commendable customer service is what sets them apart from other cleaning service providers. Hire Senate Cleaning and leave the worry of cleaning your space to them. Their customized cleaning plans are quite flexible and can be adjusted to your schedule. Contact the experts at Senate Cleaning today and take a step towards ensuring a clean space for yourself and a welcoming experience for your guests.